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FeaturesBookmark Ready, Top Navigation Bar, Custom Menu, Gallery, Fixed Width, White, Slideshow, Free Premium, WordPress Look, Web 2.0, Games etc.

Johny Simplemag is a free magazine style blogger template for portal news blog with automatic recent per category. It's a 3 column blogger template with one right sidebar, 3 column footer, magazine style blogspot template, automatic simply Yahoo slider, ads ready, pagination for blogger ready,dropdown menu, related post ready in the bottom of every post, clean design template, and more.
This template designed for portal news blog with daily updates.

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slider yahoo

On the dashboard go to the layout
Then select featured today in layout

Then enter or type the label you want displayed on the slider for example as shown below:

Replace sport with a label that you want (remember little of the letter must be the same as the label that you have created)
Similarly to the title of the widget, you can adjust the label change.
Label 1 - Label 6

To install Label Label 1 through 6 the same way as above, simply type the label you want displayed in the widget. See the picture below:

Replace news with your label, and change the title of the widget (label 1) with the appropriate title to the label.


Because of the template that still today there is no error in the arrangement of widgets, the content of all Label Label 1 through 6 and try to put labels in, select the amount of at least 5. So for a new blog and do not have many posts, the arrangement will be structured into the widget below, so multiply that post and the label first before asking questions.

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  1. Can you suggest a good theme for my technology blog?

    with Features
    SEO optimized
    clean and neat interface
    Easy to customize

    Please sir , suggest a good theme for computer related blog

  2. Check Out Borneo Books Its a Simple, Clean and very easy to customize. Its fast loading too.

  3. Friends I like your site very much and the template you are currently using too.. Please give me the download link of the template you are using..
    Please Bro

  4. @Hammad Brother these templates are NOT FOR SALE or for PUBLIC USE. We distribute Blogger Templates and in order to attract visitors we also need unique custom template for our blogs so sorry friend you cannot get that but you can get another template simliar to this go to this link

  5. The Featured Posts List Is Not Showing Description. Check Out Here. See Here

  6. Whats the Problem?? It is showing description

  7. its working. not worked first time.. but its working now

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