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Bluitos Mag Blogger Template

Template Details :
Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Bluitos Mag Blogger Template
Instructions URL How to install blogger template?
Template Authortemplate grid
DesignerHarish Dasari (
    • 3 Columns
    • Fixed Width
    • White and Blue colors
    • Main Navigation Menu with Animated DropDown menu
    • Right Sidebar on Post pages
    • Slider Ready
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Ads ready
    • Auto Post Summaries with thumbnail
    • Page Navigation ready
    • Adsense support
    • Tested and compatible with all major browsers like IE, FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera

      Bluitos Mag Blogger Template is a free blogger template again adapted from WordPress. It is of 3 Column and is a SEO, Widget and Ads Ready Template. It has Footer Column but no Sidebar. It has features like Blue, White, 3 Column, Auto Readmore, Top Navigation Bar, Custom Menu, Slideshow, Footer Columns, No Sidebar, Fixed Width, Ads Ready, SEO Ready, Widget Ready, Magazine etc.
      This template is suitable for all kinds of blog.

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      Configure Slider

      just edit the “Slider” widget, and add images like below format and you can add unlimited images.

      <a href="Link Here!"><img src="Image URL here!" title="Description Here!"/></a>

      Link Here! with your link
      Image URL here! with your Image URL

      Customize Main Menu

      1. Go to Blogger Dashboard –> Design –> Edit HTML
      2. Click on Expand Widgets and find this code

      <!-- Main Menu -->

      3. After this you see a Unordered Links list and Customize it!

      How to Add Sidebar Widgets

      i am giving a great option for this
      the sidebar is not visible in page elements.
      usually it is hidden in default. but you can add widget by a simple trick
      find this code

      display: none ; /* Remove or Add this line to Add the Sidebar Widgets*/

      If you remove the below line of code in above section, then sidebar widget section is visible in Page Elements tab

      display: none ; /* Remove or Add this line to Add the Sidebar Widgets*/

      After adding the Sidebar Widgets Again place the above code.

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