Lugas Blogger Template

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Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Lugas Blogger Template
Instructions URL How to install blogger template?
Template Authortemplate grid
DesignerIksandi Lojaya (
    1. Lightweight, clean, simple and elegant look.
    2. One column on the main page, search, and labels. The two columns on specific pages and post pages.
    3. Typography is neat and beautiful, ideal digunakkan to write.
    4. Custom jQuery Lightbox which is lighter and compact than the default Lightbox Blogger.
    5. Layout with a personal touch, ideal digunakkan as Personal Blog / Photo Blog / Portfolio.
    6. Display posts an interesting list with title, summary text and thumbnail images are generated automatically on every post that is supported by jQuery Slide effect of interest.
    7. Features "You Might Also be Like" with thumbnails and titles, and is equipped with slide effect.
        DescriptionsLugas Blogger Template is a blogger template with elegant design, very beautiful when combined with elements of photography. This template has a white color in the background, consisting of many columns on the main page and two columns on the post page. Another interesting part is the slider if the picture is highlighted then you will see content of post. Some other featuresof this templates are - Social bookmarking icons, search box ready, 3 footer columns, Superfish dropdown menu and more.
        This template is best one can get for a photo blog

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        1. Hi,
          I love this template but I have a problem with it. When I apply it to my blog I see only one row of 5 photos. I have changed it in post option for 15 and nothing. Could you please help?


        2. Change the number of posts in first page to 25 or 20 as per your wish.

        3. It doesn't work, I still see only 5 pics on the main page...

        4. You have shared the details. Thanks for putting this effort. web development

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