MiniCard Blogger Template
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Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name MiniCard Blogger Template
Instructions URL How to install blogger template?
Template AuthorRocking Templates
DesignerMike Jolley (
FeaturesBlue, Free Premium, Personal, No Sidebar, Widget Ready, Elegant, Unique, Wordpress Look, Web 2.0 etc.

MiniCard Blogger Template is a free premium blogger template.
Minicard is a design originally created for WordPress by Mike Jolley, and ported to Blogger by Blog and Web and BTemplates. This is different template, because it works to create a virtual business card.
Displays multiple social services, Twitter updates, supports static pages and color settings from the panel. NO support of normal posts, but from your virtual card you can link to your blog.

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1. Profile photo.
Upload a photo of 64×64 px to a free image hosting and copy the link. Search within your template code (Home → Design → Edit HTML) the following URL:
Replace that code with the URL of your image.
2. Menu.
Create static pages from the panel (not posts) with all the information that you display. For example, "about", contact, services, etc.
3. Social Links.
Search within your template code (Home → Design → Edit HTML) the following code:
Below you will find well indicated blocks of code for each service. Now, remove all services that you do not use. The block has the following form:
<!-- Delicious -->
<li class=''>    
 <a href='' style='background-image: url(;'>Delicious</a>
<!-- /Delicious -->
In the social services that you do use it, replace "username" with your own username. For example, for Delicious, change "" with "".
4. Twitter timeline.
To display your Twitter updates, search within your template code the following code:
Replace "btemplates" with your own username. If you want to delete this section, remove all code between <!-- Twitter Timeline –> and <!-- /Twitter Timeline –>.

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