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Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Free Salespage Blogger Template
Instructions URL How to install blogger template?
Template Authortemplate grid
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Clean and neat interface
Easy to customize
Cool with Header Banner Ad
Awesome Heading styles
Support Different Medias like Video

    Free Salespage Blogger Template is a template for the Internet Marketer's dream to be able to expand the Blogspot platform to sell their products on the internet. 1 Column of this template will turn a blogspot to Website Sales Page, Landing Page, or Splash Page in minutes! With a slick look like a pro, FreeBlue salespage Blogspot Template also features an easy header to be modified without having to open a graphics application.

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    # 1 - Installing Templates
    I think this part is very familiar to fellow bloggers.

    # 2 - Setting Header

    TEXT to the header settings can be done by clicking Settings> Basic. Change in the "Title" and "Description".

    Title of the blog will automatically follow the slope of the font and arranged to fit the header Sales Page. Display the title of a rather skewed using CSS3 and only works on modern browsers that support CSS3.

    # 3 - Add the sentence Sales Page
    Sales Page long sentence that described from the beginning to the end of the blog may be changed by editing the widget. Click Design> Page Elements and click Edit on the Widget "The best high-converting, a ...", as shown in the figure below.

    Click "Edit", new window will pop up the widget editor. You can enter a sentence of the most attractive Sales Page there.

    # 4 - Setting the Lower Link

    Link found on the bottom of the blog, exactly above the post and under the sentence widget sales page, can be adjusted by setting Page / Blog Pages. You can add a link to automatically add a page / pages of your blog with the click Post> Edit Page> New Page.

    # 5 - The Blog Posts
    View my blog post title created just appear to focus on the content of the sentence salespage. To post you can fill with articles, info or news updates that support your product.

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